Arkadiusz Lepczyński - Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you can see my achievements in the field of web design, learn about me, and ask a few questions via e-mail form.

4 years been dealing with computer graphics, but interested in drawing since childhood. At the beginning I created a simple graphics and montages for himself and friends. Professionally, I decided to take care of this after high school. Therefore, as a field of study, I have chosen computer graphics.

Today I have after graduation. He designs websites in (X) HTML, Flash, PHP, JavaScript. Expand your knowledge of positioning and optimization of web pages for search engines.

All the time I earn new skills and expand your knowledge about the design of the Internet.

Hofik Moto

Website designed for lovers of old motorcycles, dealing with the restoration. It has been in (X) HTML and CSS with Flash elements.

Hofik Moto

Football club Victoria Szadek

Site made for a football club from Szadek. The project completely built in Flash technology, with the support of PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. To the project is included in the Administrative Panel CMS to implement and modify the content, performance, team composition, and other valuable things for the fans.

LKS Victoria Szadek

Forum for Victoria Szadek

Forum for supporters of the club Victoria Szadek, made in PHP with JavaScript components, based on the MySQL database. There is a possibility of registration and logon, edit your account, and insight into the current state of the table. Site contains Administrative Panel to manage the Forum.

Victoria Szadek Forum

A&R Building Services

Motion made for the British contractor. Site built using (X) HTML and CSS. This site also contains animated banners, and the gallery made in Flash.

A&R Building Services

Vehicle Control Station

Site designed in Flash, using ActionScript 2.0 and XML. The owner of the vehicle inspection station is in Szadek.




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